[merge][#135241] better handling of internal errors in blackbox tests

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Sep 25 22:06:56 BST 2007

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Martin Pool пишет:
> This changes the way that TestCase.run_bzr handles internal errors.

> This highlights some unresolved problems in handling of unicode data.
> At commands can choose for their output to be sent in either strict,
> exact, or replace mode.  exact mode means they always emit byte
> strings (like bzr cat) and this is not a problem.  replace means that
> unrepresentable characters are replaced, and that's also fine.  But if
> a strict-mode command needs to write data that won't fit in the user's
> encoding, it fails with a traceback.  test_non_ascii contains many
> examples of these at present, and people hit them in practice from
> time to time.  Needless to say we don't really want people getting
> tracebacks.
> Maybe it needs to be done case by case.  Here are some options:
> * have no 'strict' command output: every command either emits bytes,
> or tolerates having unrepresentable characters replaced -- but maybe
> this is just pushing the problem down to the command?  This may have
> the problem that the user will get a screenful of questionmarks, which
> is not much better than getting a traceback.
> * treat unicodeerror as a user error, and give a short and cleaner
> message, maybe showing the locale -- but the user is still blocked
> from whatever operation they were trying to do.
> * assume that people commonly have an ascii locale when they can
> actually tolerate utf-8, and go ahead and send that when we're not
> willing to do replacement?

I'd prefer to use variant 2: short and cleaner message for unicode errors.
(And may be long and complicated explanation somewhere is user doc. ;-)

But, please don't emit utf-8 stream on undefined encoding (ascii?) terminal.
It's not much better than "get a screenful of questionmarks".

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