[MERGE] skip windows-unfriendly tests

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Tue Sep 25 02:29:43 BST 2007

Martin Pool has voted comment.
Status is now: Semi-approved
In the case of test_remove_changed_files_from_child_dir - I don't see 
why we're trying to remove . - it seems a bit unnecessary.  It might be 
better to remove '.' from the removed file list and see if that passes 
on Windows, unless anyone can see why we really want to keep it.

With test_location_list I guess the problem is that on Windows the paths 
come back with backslashes or drive letters?  Could we just have the 
platform test cause it to compare to different values?  Or is the test 
not going to work at all?

Thanks for working on them.

For details, see: 

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