[MERGE] Progress on passing the full test suite on OSX

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon Sep 24 02:17:15 BST 2007

>     martin>      def test__remote_path(self):
>     martin> +        if sys.platform == 'darwin':
>     martin> +            self.knownFailure('Mac OSX symlinks /tmp to /private/tmp,'
>     martin> +                              ' testing against self.test_dir'
>     martin> +                              ' is not appropriate')
>     martin> I understand that it does this linking, but I don't understand
>     martin> why it's not appropriate.
> The test is about sftp absolute path handling. There is already
> (in this test) a TODO about windows needing an absolute path
> without drive letter. To me, using self.test_dir was a trick to
> get an absolute path for comparison purposes.
> That fails for OSX because the sftp server don't resolve the
> links (and it doesn't have to).
> So I'd say the test should be rewritten. My focus was on making
> the test suite passing and I didn't feel like rethinking the
> whole test.
> I can remove the knownFailure and put a comment instead but I
> think eyes will be more easily caught with a knownFailure.

A known failure is fine with me, if you just add the explanation you
gave in your mail as a comment in the bug.



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