why tag doesn't need commit ?

Joachim Nilsson joachim.nilsson at vmlinux.org
Thu Sep 20 15:02:49 BST 2007


I too have found this increasingly annoying.  I might be damaged goods
though since I am a long time CVS and Subversion user...

An alternative to explicit checkin could be to have

bzr tag -m"Release X.Y.Z - See wiki for details." mytag

If -mMESSAGE is left out $EDITOR is started, as is for bzr ci.


William Dode wrote, on 09/20/2007 03:21 PM:
> Hi,
> I wonder why setting a tag doesn't need a 'commit' like others changes 
> in the branch ? It's not really a problem but i find it not very 
> consistent.
> For example i thought i'll do
> bzr add toto
> bzr ci -m 'add toto'
> and the same for tag
> bzr tag mytag
> bzr ci -m 'set my tag'
> Also, it's strange to don't see any comment when pushing
> bzr tag mytag
> bzr st
> => i was waiting for 'you add a tag'
> bzr push
> No new revisions to push. (should be no 's' isn't it ?)
> => but yes something was pushed silently.
> I read the wiki page about the spec but could'nt find an answer, could 
> you explain me or point me to the discussion about this ?
> thx

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