[MERGE] 4% improvement to commit's common case

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Sep 20 04:49:30 BST 2007

The common case for commit is most files unchanged, the same number of
paths. The PointlessCommit check currently takes > 4% of the time for an
incremental commit. This code changes the commit builder interface to
return information about whether a change has been recorded for a given
file, and saves 4% on current bzr.dev incremental commits.

This has one flaw at the moment - it uses inventory._byid for delete
detection, which may not work all that well in the future. For now
though its a significant improvement, and IMO worth doing - we can
refactor to not use _byid by a couple of different routes, but that
doesn't need to block this patch - because its not clear to me that
_byid shouldn't be used within bzrlib :).

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