[MERGE] show (possibly dotted) revnos in `bzr tags` (v2)

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 17:22:59 BST 2007

On 9/18/07, Adeodato Simó <dato at net.com.org.es> wrote:
> (BTW, I'm a bit puzzled by the diff lines generated by `bzr send` and
> `bzr diff` in this case: if you check with care the diff for
> test_tags.py, you'll note there are three lines which are deleted and
> added, whereas /usr/bin/diff gets it right. The lines are:
>     out, err = self.run_bzr('tags -d branch1', encoding='utf-8')
>     self.assertEquals(err, '')
>     self.assertContainsRe(out,
> Is this some kind of bug?)

Depends. This is a feature of patiencediff, which doesn't consider
lines that are not unique within one block as matching. For example if
there would be one unique and unchanged line after the original four
lines (which would break the change into two blocks), it would produce
result like this:

-            u'^\u30d0zaar  *revid-1\n'.encode('utf-8'))
+            u'^\u30d0zaar  *1\ntag2  *\\?\n'.encode('utf-8'))
        # unique line

Excluding non-unique lines usually helps a lot for things like empty
lines or { and } in C-like languages, but in this case would removing
this constraint probably produce better diff. I *think* the algorithm
could be tweaked to produce the right diff in this case and still
ignoring most common lines, but I can't think of a particular solution
right now.

> 0.7-2                2:stratus-20060507035335-aa563a97409e6b0a
> 0.8.1-1              6:stratus-20060520153101-ee34dc54b2e64e8a
> 0.9.0-1              9:stratus-20060825180616-ae66c43c7fd16a94
> 0.10.0-2             10:stratus-20060919175512-167930889243d43d
> 0.11.0-1             11:stratus-20061128173110-88924ff1ef22325a
> 0.16.1-1             17:siretart at tauware.de-20070509095307-occwyxvg2cjhr4j5
> 0.17.1-1             22.1.2:dato at net.com.org.es-20070615155205-zr6e54m6c9duwpmj
> 0.18.0-1             29:dato at net.com.org.es-20070717161538-qy9wsewauusbn3nr
> 0.90.0-1             33:dato at net.com.org.es-20070815100938-y2bhsavdw94vsd99
> 0.91.0-1             ?:dato at net.com.org.es-20070914083051-4e38y28c6ckkm72o

I personally don't like this X:Y format, because you are displaying
two different identifiers and this makes it look like one, but this is
not why I was writing this mail...


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