changed index parents?

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Sep 18 10:22:25 BST 2007

> > So I'm not sure whats going on here, but as of *now* has incorrect, corrupt per-file graph data.
> I was able to pull yesterday morningish so I am suspecting one
> of the merges from the following people caused the problem:
> Martin
> Jelmer
> Keir Merle
> D.M Watkins
> Ian C
> Its *possibly* caused by running the reconcile logic Aaron was working
> on, or possibly by something else.
> If you are on this list of names please do the following in your
> repository that bzr's merge was pulled from:
> grep qeebo861 .bzr/repository/knits/ed/%4e%45%57%
> 53-20050323055033-4e00b5db738777ff.kndx
> Please paste the output into a mail to me/the list.
> An uncorrupted repo will have 3 numbers at the end of the line, and only
> one line.
> A repo that has had its indices recreated incorrectly will show one line
> with 4 numbers (offset, length, parent1, parent2).
> A repo that has had the corruption propogate to it by the index
> parent-update code will show 2 lines, one correct, and one with the
> additional parent added.
> So we're looking to find the repository that introduced the glitch, and
> what was done to it, so that we can track down the root cause.

It looks like I'm a winner:

mbp at grace% grep qeebo861
robertc at line-delta
2060540 375 1619 :
robertc at line-delta
2060540 375 1619 1565 :

I'm pretty sure that I have not run reconcile here though...


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