is bzr-svn working? which version?

Balazs Ree ree at
Fri Sep 14 08:35:23 BST 2007


I have the following problem with bzr-svn:

I check out a branch from svn and from bzr simultaneously:

% bzr branch svn+ssh://.../ bzr-repo
Branched 32 revision(s).
% svn co svn+ssh://.../ svn-repo
Checked out revision 1896.

Now I make some change from svn.

% cd svn-repo 
% vim 
% svn ci -m "Change from svn"
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 1897.

Now I go to the bazaar branch and try to merge this change.

% cd ../bzr-repo 

% bzr missing
Using last location: svn+ssh://.../
You are missing 1 revision(s):
revno: 33
committer: ree
timestamp: Fri 2007-09-14 06:57:59 +0000
  Change from svn

This is good. Now I merge it:

% bzr merge
Merging from remembered location svn+ssh://.../
All changes applied successfully.

% bzr ci -m "Merge from svn"
Committed revision 34.

% bzr missing
Using last location: svn+ssh://.../
You have 1 extra revision(s):
revno: 33
committer: Balazs Ree <ree at>
branch nick: bzr-repo
timestamp: Fri 2007-09-14 08:57:14 +0200
  Merge from svn

% bzr push svn+ssh://
bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.  Try using "merge" and then 

% bzr merge  Merging from remembered location svn
Nothing to do.

And game over. The branch is in a useless state now.

What is the problem? I am using bzr 0.90~rc1-1 with bzr-svn from http://

I tried with more versions, and I always have this. I don't suppose this 
is a bug, either it should be a problem in the way I use it, or I should 
use a different version? Any help is appreciated!

Balazs Ree

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