presenting the fundamental abstractions

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Sep 14 00:44:56 BST 2007

> > 1. Revisions -
> >
> > At its most basic, bzr tracks revisions. A revision is a set of
> > changes to one or more files, with associated metadata (such as the
> > author).
> >
> > A simple example of a revision may be adding a single file, or
> > changing one line in a file. More complicated revisions could be
> > additions, deletions and changes to hundreds of files.
> I actually do not think this is 100% right. It's right "enough" for
> understanding.
> But, I think a revision is not the changes to one or more files, but
> rather the current state of all files in a branch at the point in time
> when that commit was done (unless it was a partial commit of course).
> To get to the changes, you need to compare this revision with the one before.

I'd say: a revision is a commit message, userid, the date of the
change and similar metadata, plus a reference to the contents of the
tree after the change.  To find out what was changed in the tree, we
compare the tree to the one preceding that revision.


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