Converting standalone branch to inside-repo branch?

Nicholas Allen allen at
Wed Sep 12 17:15:56 BST 2007

Hendy Irawan wrote:
> I already have a branch
> I made an init-repo above it
> But the repo doesn't detect the already existing branch
> Is there a way to convert that branch into a inside-repo branch?
> My current technique is :
> bzr branch original_branch new_branch
> Then I discard the original branch and use the new one.
> Is this the recommended practice? Thank you.
That's the only way that I know of.

Perhaps it would be nice if init-repo could detect there were existing 
branches under it and ask the user if they want to move the history into 
the shared repo. It could be a command line option, and interactive 
question, or it could just do it anyway as I can't think of a case where 
one would want to keep a branch inside a repo that didn't store its 
history in the repo.


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