Bazaar 0.91 release candidate 1

Hendy Irawan hendy at
Tue Sep 11 20:19:15 BST 2007

Martin Pool wrote:
>    * The default branch and repository format has changed to
>      ``dirstate-tags``, so tag commands are active by default.
>      This format is compatible with Bazaar 0.15 and later.
>      This incidentally fixes bug #126141.
>      (Martin Pool)
You're my man! :)
>    * New option ``--author`` in ``bzr commit`` to specify the author of the
>      change, if it's different from the committer. ``bzr log`` and
>      ``bzr annotate`` display the author instead of the committer.
>      (Lukáš Lalinský)
Hallelujah! :) This will make it much easier to implement a Wiki on top 
of Bazaar :)

(btw this kind of Wiki-on-top-of-Bazaar is already running now on )

>    * ``bzr plugins`` now lists the version number for each plugin in square
>      brackets after the path. (Robert Collins, #125421)
Thanks Robert :) Yea it was hard to find out this before...

Hendy Irawan

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