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Nia Forouzesh tryagainfuture at
Tue Sep 11 11:55:17 BST 2007

Dear all,

I need a version control software but not for programming source codes. The scenario is as follows:

We have some projects defined in our company which have several file types such as AUTOCAD drawing, excel, word, pictures, text and etc. There are some personnel who works with these files. We need these personnel/engineers to lock the latest version for themselves. Then they work on files and then they must save their work as a new file with a predefined naming convention so that the next personnel can find the latest version easily.

Some characteristics of our schema is as follows:

1- At a time, only one personnel works on a file.
2- No editing is permitted. When a personnel submits his file to server, it should be archived with that name and if he wants to modify it again, he needs to lock it again for himself and then submit it to server.
3- Different file types are under work in one project
4- Personnels are restricted to the project that they have permission to work on.

Is BAZAAR able to help me in this regards? If not, is there anyone else who can suggest me another way for such classification of files?

Your help is highly appreciated.


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