bzr push so slow... why?

Hendy Irawan hendy at
Mon Sep 10 20:30:19 BST 2007

I deleted the branch from Launchpad (not something that I'd do on  a 
daily basis, I guess...)

And tried re-pushing again..

rainbow at luther [~/tmp/bukuruby_bzr]# ~/bzr_dev/bzr-0.90/bzr push 
--create-prefix -v
] Fetch phase 1/4

It has been like this for about half an hour already......... I wonder 

Note that it is running from a typical bandwidth web hosting... Meaning 
that it should be able to transfer files at least 200 KB/s.

But my repository is only 25 MB !! How can it be so slow? (even then, 
I'm still only *hoping* that it will finally succeed)

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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