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Tue Sep 4 13:11:00 BST 2007

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Reg. Charney wrote:
> You are correct in saying "bzr push 
> " was a silly thing to do ;-). However, I was frustrated by earlier 
> failures and unclear error messages.

I certainly understand that.  I too am new to Bazaar and it can take 
some time to learn how to do exactly what one wants to do.

> My main point is that no matter what I or anyone else does, bzr should 
> not crash and it should have meaningful messages.

Bazaar did not "crash".  It encountered an error and gave you the 
traceback as information about why the error occurred.  This is the 
"Bazaar Way" (to coin a phrase).  The errors that occur most frequently 
are special-cased to give short error messages (like the two you had 
gotten previously) but by default, bzr gives a full traceback for all 
errors.  This is different from many other programs which give error 
messages similar to "Cannot lock: transport is read only" but no further 
information.  I consider this to be a feature of Bazaar, not a bug.

As for meaningful messages, you did not respond to my questions about 
what you wanted to do and why the messages you got from merge and pull 
were not meaningful to you.  If you can tell us what you were trying to 
do with the svn2bzr repository and why you chose the commands you did, 
then we can work to improve those error messages and our documentation.


Neil Martinsen-Burrell
n.martinsen-burrell at

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