[MERGE] Minor profiling fixes

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 10 04:06:19 BST 2007

This patch addresses 2 minor but annoying profiling issues. While these
are low risk and isolated from the "production" part of the code, I'm
fine with these being held back until 0.92 opens.

To repeat the NEWS items included in this patch:

* The basename, not the full path, is now used when checking whether
  the profiling dump file begins with ``callgrind.out`` or not. This
  fixes a bug reported by Aaron Bentley on IRC.

* Commands reporting exceptions can now be profiled and still have their
  data correctly dumped to a file. For example, a ``bzr commit`` with
  no changes still reports the operation as pointless but doing so no
  longer throws away the profiling data if this command is run with
  ``--lsprof-file callgrind.out.ci`` say.

The second fix in particular is quite helpful when profiling commit.

Ian C.
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