[MERGE] Show revnos in `bzr tags`

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Sat Sep 8 15:51:11 BST 2007


This may be controversian, but it was small enough that a RFC didn't
seem worth it and I had to write it anyway for myself.

In any case, I personally find a bit inconvenient that `bzr tags` only
prints the list of revision ids, and not the revnos. This patch prefixes
the ids with a revno+colon.

Since this has an impact on the number of roundtrips when listing tags
for remote branches, I added an option to disable it. At first I thought
making it non-default, but I think that listing local tags is the common
case, so I didn't. (Though then the default format of the output changes,
is that a concern in this case?)

I'd be very happy to see this merge, since I believe it's useful. I
won't take offence if somebody disagrees, though. :-P


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