[BUG] bzr-svn

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Fri Sep 7 15:08:33 BST 2007


I was just playing around with the latest version of bzr-svn. It is 
REALLY cool!! I think I found a bug though.

I made 2 bzr branches of the repo using bzr branch and then made 
separate changes in both of them. I merged from one branch to the other 
and then committed the merge locally. I then bound the branch I merged 
into to the svn repo and did an svn up. I then tried to commit the merge 
to the svn repository and got this error message:

bzr: ERROR: Revision {nick at nick-desktop-20070907134713-cexf8mksamyveqkw} 
not present in 0d/0%4057a85e95-b59e-4557-950e-61a5d9a1ff04%253a%253a.kndx.

If I do a bzr log --show-ids I can see this revision in the log.



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