see also in help for send command

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Sep 5 06:29:23 BST 2007

On 9/4/07, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at> wrote:
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> Purpose: Mail or create a merge-directive for submiting changes.
> Usage:   bzr send [SUBMIT_BRANCH] [PUBLIC_BRANCH]
> ...
> See also: doc/configuration.txt, merge
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>           ?????????????????????
> This file is no more available by this location,
> and I think it's introduce a bit mess in 'see also'.
> All 'see also' topics available via
> bzr help topic
> but:
> E:\Bazaar\mydev\bug-111758>python bzr help doc/configuration.txt
> bzr: ERROR: No help could be found for 'doc/configuration.txt'. Please use 'bzr help topics' to
> obtain a list of topics.
> And this (of course) breaks internal links in our beautiful bzr_man.html
> and produce:
> Docutils System Messages
> System Message: ERROR/3 (doc/en/user-reference/bzr_man.txt, line 1823); backlink
> Unknown target name: "doc/configuration.txt".
> IMO, help for configurations options need to include to bzr help topics.

I agree it's not so good at the moment.

I'd be ok with either putting a brief description of the configuration
options in the online help, or arranging for a link to the manual.  I
think in general we do want to let commands point people to places
other than the online help.

I believe there is a way in HelpIndices to tell the help system that
any link starting with doc/ should be redirected elsewhere.  When
generating html it would be nice if this were turned into a hyperlink,
either a relative link to doc/configuration.html or to the site.  I'm not sure if ReST can handle a relative


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