[MERGE] Improved commit reporting

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 4 12:41:57 BST 2007

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Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Aaron indicated on IRC that he was concerned about special casing the
> initial commit for UI consistency reasons. The "commit less verbose"
> patch was consistent so we can roll back to that (say) if this is not
> liked. On the whole, I think this is better though. Seeing 100s of
> "added xxx" messages during an initial commit has never felt that useful
> to me.

But I have to add, as I did on IRC, that the "hundreds of files" case is
not the only case, and not even necessarily the common case.  Of the
source bases I use frequently, half were originated in Bazaar and half
were imported from another system

- - Bazaar originated in baz
- - Bzrtools originated in bzr
- - Bundle Buggy originated in bzr
- - Panometrics' web software originated in Arch, imported with baz-import

And I would also add that many commits, not just the initial commit,
have intimidatingly-long modified-file lists.  Merge commits, generally.

So by associating this behavior with "initial commit" rather than
"pointlessly huge list of modified files", I think you're associating it
with the wrong underlying cause.

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