[MERGE][0.90][Bug 133965] PathNotChild, port mismatch with "bzr info" for bzr:// smartserver

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Mon Sep 3 10:43:51 BST 2007

Martin Pool has voted approve.
Status is now: Conditionally approved
Nice tests.

+_default_ports = {}
+def _get_default_port(scheme):
+    """Return the registered default port for this protocol scheme."""
+    try:
+        port = _default_ports.get(scheme + '://')
+    except KeyError:
+        port = None
+    return port

The _default_ports dict looks oddly redundant with the 
already indexing things by protocol.  Can they be combined?  Maybe not,
if it's pointing to specific implementations and we want it to talk 
about the protocol in general.

By the way, what is the info parameter to register_transport_proto?
In a brief search it does not seem to be used.

For details, see: 

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