[BUG] FTP password handling completely broken in 0.90

Bernd Eggink monoped at sudrala.de
Sun Sep 2 22:46:23 BST 2007

Bzr now stores passwords provided with FTP URLs, but _never_ uses them; it 
always prompts the user. OTOH, if no password has been provided with the 
URL, it does _not_ prompt; instead, the login fails immediately, without 
giving the user a chance to supply a password interactively. This is bizarre.

I'm using a lot of FTP repositories; in fact, I switched from subversion to 
bazaar mainly because it supports FTP. As it is, 0.90 is practically 
unusable for me, and I have to stick to 0.18.


Bernd Eggink
monoped at sudrala.de

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