[MERGE] Verbosity levels and standard options

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Aug 31 09:15:47 BST 2007

Here's a partial review:

That description sounds good.

I really like custom_help(); now we can give better help for some
things like -r which are a bit mysterious at present.

+                    'Options that are applied before the command is processed')

This is technically accurate but may not be very helpful to the user.
Would 'options for debugging bazaar' be better, or 'options that
control how bazaar runs'?

@@ -240,9 +240,8 @@
 """Global Options

 These options may be used with any command, and may appear in front of any
-command.  (e.g. "bzr --quiet help").
+command.  (e.g. "bzr --profile help").

---quiet        Suppress informational output; only print errors and warnings.
 --version      Print the version number.

 --no-aliases   Do not process command aliases when running this command.
@@ -258,6 +257,7 @@
 -Dhpss         Trace smart protocol requests and responses.
 -Dindex        Trace major index operations.
 -Dlock         Trace when lockdir locks are taken or released.
 --profile      Profile execution using the hotshot profiler.
 --lsprof       Profile execution using the lsprof profiler.
 --lsprof-file  Profile execution using the lsprof profiler, and write the

Could you please group the -D options separate from the other
options, it looks a bit messy.

+Unlike global options, standard options can be used in aliases and
+may have more explicit help on a per command basis.

I think the second line is not relevant to users.

At the moment we have the somewhat odd situation that some things are
done by modifying global state in the trace module and some are passed
to the commands.  It looks like this clears it up a bit, but I wonder
if we would do better to just pass every thing to the commands and get
rid of the globals altogether?

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