Gmane or Bundle Buggy issue

Aaron Bentley abentley at
Tue Aug 28 05:54:12 BST 2007

Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Aaron,
> I'm not sure whether it's a bug in BB or a problem with Gmane but using
> the 'Gmane' link in BB isn't working around half the time today. On the
> broken ones, the link it is trying to load is
> making me suspect BB. In comparison, here's a Gmane link from BB that
> works:

Thanks, Ian.  Actually, BB doesn't use URLs like that.  It uses URLs like:

is actually a URL determined by Gmane's find-root.php script.  I think
this is their issue, but I'm not sure whether they've ever guaranteed
that the find-root script will work.


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