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Robert Collins robertc at
Sun Aug 26 22:07:19 BST 2007

On Sun, 2007-08-26 at 20:34 +0100, Paul Moore wrote:
> Cool - I'd not seen that. One question - the page you reference
> suggests that a shallow branch will take "roughly as long as a
> lightweight checkout would take". When I tried a lightweight checkout
> of the Python tree, it still took 11 minutes, vs 3 minutes for svn co.
> Is this due to architectural differences, or is this just a fixable
> performance difference,

Fixable. The reason it takes so long is 2 round trips per file being
checked out. I have a branch that will massively reduce that by changing
the disk format; I haven't profiled the lightweight checkout difference
yet, because while the fast-path is available its not integrated yet and
we're still paying a roundtrip per file.

>  and I should expect that in the longer term,
> bazaar lightweight checkouts will get closer to svn co in performance
> terms? 



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