Possibly over-cautious check in workingtree_4.py?

Blake Winton bwinton at latte.ca
Thu Aug 23 00:08:19 BST 2007

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> I'm trying to add a file named "rcp2pr... #segment.0020#".
>> I've changed the assert on my local copy to:
>>             assert not f.startswith( '..' )
>>             assert '//..' not in f
>> Which I think should be good enough, but I'ld like confirmation that
>> this seems like a semi-sane thing to do before I go ahead and submit a
>> bundle/bug report.
> I think that should be:
> assert not f.startswith('../')
> assert '/../' not in f

I was thinking that, but I seem to remember a system that let you type 
"cd ..." to get to the parent's parent, (and "cd ...." to get to the 
parent's parent's parent,) and I didn't want to let that slip through, 
on the off chance that that system still exists...

should we move to regular expressions?
assert not re.match( '..+/', f )
assert not re.search( '/..+/', f )


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