[MERGE/RFC] Versioned properties spec

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 22 13:55:35 BST 2007

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> Also, I'd like to see namespaces for properties.
> What do you mean? What kind of namespaces you want?
> We can use almost any string as key in dictionary, so one can easily
> use 
> svn:eol
> svn:encoding
> or 
> bzr.eol
> bzr.encoding 

I think that namespaces should be required, not at the discretion of the
user.  That would mean setting values like this:
set_revision_property('svn', 'encoding', 'utf-8')

Not this:
set_revision_property('svn:encoding', 'utf-8')

> keys, that will looks like namespaced ones.
> İs not this enough?

^^^ Your mail client is doing something wacky with the letter 'I'.

>> +Serialization
>> +-------------
>> +VP stored inside inventory. For serialization is proposed to using bencode.
>> I would like to see a lot more detail than that. Especially, I'd like
>> to understand how you intend to store them in the repository. Bencoded?
>> Why not using xml? It's quite good at key/value pairs.
> İ think we should store VP as part of inventory. Because VP is highly tied
> to ınventory entries.

I'm asking how you intend to serialize it to store in the repository.
Are you saying you you want to store bencoded data in XML?

> This part is not clear for me: why? İf VP will be a part of inventory then we dont need new repository format, do we?

The repository format implies a revision format and an inventory format.
  If you introduce a new inventory format, you cannot store it in any
existing repository format, because existing clients would be unable to
read it.

>> +Format
>> +~~~~~~
>> +Format is very close to format of configuration files.
>> What are the differences?
> There is no DEFAULT section.

That is not required in our current config files, either.

>> + Each section name is path of file relative to
>> +WT root.
>> This is somewhat brittle; if a file is moved before the HRF version is
>> updated, the association with path will be lost.
> İMO HRF will be used the most to resolve conflicts.
> When file moved we could update HRF as well.

Moving files is also part of conflict conflict resolution.  So because
this format is intended for conflict resolution, pathnames are a poor
way of identifying files to Bazaar.

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