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Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Thu Aug 9 13:12:09 BST 2007

Hello Aaron,

> If you're saying that specifying revisions for inclusion in the bundle
> is a valuable feature, then it would be bad to only support it via a
> deprecated command.  If it's actually worth supporting, we should make
> "send" support it, right?

Most of the times when I've used the bundle command, it was with
the -r parameter.  Whenever I'd send a "diff" to someone to explain
an idea over a review, for instance, I send a bundle which may be
used to integrate in the branch being reviewed.

I can certainly change my habits to put the branch being reviewed in
a temporary place, but I do see the -r option as valuable
alternative for:

  bzr branch -r REV my-branch my-branch-2
  cd my-branch
  bzr send ../my-branch-2 -o my-diff

Gustavo Niemeyer

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