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James Westby jw+debian at
Tue Aug 7 22:19:54 BST 2007

On (07/08/07 17:06), William Adams wrote:
> I have not put anything on the wiki (I just added a really sparse home 
> page).
> Is there a way for me to add it as a launchpad project (of course I have my
> code sitting in a bzr repository already).

Yes, that is easy to do.

and click on the "Register a project" link at the bottom of the menu on
the left. Once that is done you can run

  bzr push s

where "project" is the name of the project that you create. (This is
from memory, you should be able to get proper instructions by using the
"Help" option of Launchpad).

> And no matter where I put the code, how would I go about putting a 
> reference
> on the wiki?  Just put it on my homepage?  Or use the wiki "add personal 
> page"
> functionality to add a page that shows various feed projects?

Yes, if you find a suitable place (probably not the homepage, maybe the
top of the plugins page), you can create a link to a new page, then when
you save you can click on it to create the page, and then fill it in.

The idea with wikis is just to get stuck in, things can be cleaned up
and moved around later.



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