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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Here's my use case: I use bundles to update branches on my server
> For now and until september I stick with bzr 0.18
> on server (because the server is FreeBSD, and I should wait until bsd port
> will appears and my provider will update bzr).
> So I will not upgrade my local machine until I have a way to
> easily send bundles from local machine to server. It's not really
> show-stopper for me, but I believe in backward compatibility,
> adn bzr always play well in this respect. (May be I'm wrong.)

Resurrecting the old "bundle" implementation wouldn't fix your use case,
because "bundle" always used the default format, and the default format
is 4.

Adding --format to "send" would fix your use case, I think.  Do you need
to use -r to control the bundle contents, or does specifying a target
branch work for you?

I wish you'd spoken up sooner.  I don't even know what to call the
format options:

# Does this produce a merge directive or a bundle?
- --format=0.18 ?

# How about this?
- --format=0.9 ?

# Okay, this is clear, but think of the poor users!
- --format=md1bun0.9 ?

# Do we need to support raw bundles?  Merge Directive 1 includes the
# bundle unmolested, so clients that don't understand merge directives
# can skip the merge-directive and read the bundle directly.
- --format=raw-0.9 ?

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