fix for a keyerror in finding least common ancestors

Michael Hudson michael.hudson at
Tue Aug 7 16:08:05 BST 2007

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Michael Hudson wrote:
>> This 3-line but 600-odd kilobyte file:
>> contains:
>>  - on line 1, a sanitized-revid repr() of the _graph_ancestors of the
>> graph with ghosts of the repository that I can reproduce the problem with
>>  - on lines 2 and 2 the revids that should be used as arguments to
>> find_unique_lca.
> Hi Michael.
> I believe I've fixed your problem, but it's an ordering-sensitive issue,
> and your sanitized revids change the order, so I can't reproduce it with
> the data you provided.


> Can you please check out this branch, and let me know if it works for
> your example?

It does, yes.  Thanks for the effort!

> Aaron
> (Yes, I hacked on bzr on my vacation.  In a cottage with no internet,
> phone, electricity or running water)

I'd be impressed anyway, but no electricity?  Quite an achievement :)


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