[MERGE] bzr rm should remove clean subtrees

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 19:47:05 BST 2007


this bundle partially addresses bug #111665
'bzr rm should remove clean subtrees'

the following is fixed:
* bzr rm should remove (without needing --force) subtrees that contain
no files with text changes or modified files.
* With --force we should remove the subtree regardless of text changes
or unknown files.
* remove with 'renames out' works (I should probably add an explicit
test for this.

I still need to do:
* remove with 'renames in'
* add news when its fixed completely

the following looked a little controversial, but I'll be happy to do it in
a followup bundle if you guys think that this is the desired behavior:
* remove unversioned ignored files  (without force)

Other notes:
1) this bundle depends on the submitted InterTree_ignores_param2.patch bundle
2) I changed the error message to refere to changed files as 'modified',
   as I saw it was causing some confusion.

If there are other things I need to address as a part of this, or in future,
please let me know.


Because I don't trust Version Control Systems with less than 6953 unit
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