PQM needs to take over the world

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Sat Jul 28 12:22:52 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 12:54 +0300, Andrew Voznytsa wrote:
> > > Actually I like the sound of this a lot.  It's good that pqm can do
> > > merges asynchronously but it'd be better if you had the option to feel
> > > more involved.
> > 
> > I'd approach this by giving a better interface to PQM, not combining it
> > with the bzr smart server. My 2c :).
> > 
> Well, in my case (someone who is using MS solutions), improving PQM
> interface won't help much because I've doubts if it runs on Windows at all
> (without Cygwin, SFU or other intermediate layers).

Just like the smart server, PQM is a python script. It has the *same*
dependencies as bzr (ignore the autoconf script, its there to add
confusion - historical reasons). The current *PQM UI* does require cron
(called AT on windows) and procmail (which is more tricky) - but
removing the need for procmail is exactly what I'm suggesting be done.

> Integrating it with SmartServer solves my problem in elegant way (IMHO).
> There will be no any extra dependency, any problem with MS software
> integration (*mail+procmail is good but what about MS Exchange?). Also you
> can allow user to choose server mode - PQM with extended SmartServer
> protocol or plain SmartServer.

OTOH the smart server is very message orientated and pqm is task
orientated, they do not fit conceptually well at all.

> Having gatekeeper is advantage. Having gatekeeper which works on Windows is
> big advantage because many developers work on Windows, many work on
> Windows/*nix mix. Ignoring them would be bad idea (GNU Arch, which was my
> first DVCS, did it and it was +2c for its ticket to nowhere).
> NOTE: I'm trying to avoid design and implementation issues. My intention is
> to show you that people (at least me) are looking for problem solution and
> how this solution might looks like.

Sure. If you want to say 'hey PQM for windows would be great', then I'm
all there - I'm saying:
 - PQM's core is entirely windows friendly.
 - PQM's current UI is *not*, and is also unfriendly in other ways, so
this should be fixed.

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