Dealing with VS2005 .suo files

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Fri Jul 27 15:31:59 BST 2007

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Davide Bizzocchi wrote:
> Klaus Hartke <klaus.hartke <at>> writes:
>>> Hi, I'm using Bazaar with a couple of Visual Studio 2005 projects.
>>> There's a problem with the .suo file associated with the projects:
>>> modified, every time I open the project in VS, even if I don't modify
>>> source files.
>>> This causes problems if I want to merge project versions, because I'm
>>> forced to commit everytime.
>>> I cannot remove it from versioning, because it has to be distributed together
>>> with the project...
>>> What's the best strategy in dealing with this type of files?
>> The following page on MSDN provides some guidance in this area:
>> [cut]
> So, how can I exclude the file from versioning, but being able to 
> distribute it together with the project?
> I tried with "bzr ignore" and "bzr remove --keep", but in either 
> case when I execute a "push" of the project, the file's not copied 
> into the destination folder... 

I think the point is that you *don't* need to distribute it with the project.
It will be created automatically when someone opens the project.

And the only thing you lose is that it won't open the same windows on their
end. Which they may not even want anyway.

It has been a little while since I've done VS projects, but I'm pretty positive
you don't need to include that file.

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