Dealing with VS2005 .suo files

Klaus Hartke klaus.hartke at
Fri Jul 27 11:45:28 BST 2007

> Hi, I'm using Bazaar with a couple of Visual Studio 2005 projects.
> There's a problem with the .suo file associated with the projects: it's always
> modified, every time I open the project in VS, even if I don't modify the
> source files.
> This causes problems if I want to merge project versions, because I'm
> forced to commit everytime.
> I cannot remove it from versioning, because it has to be distributed together
> with the project...
> What's the best strategy in dealing with this type of files?

The following page on MSDN provides some guidance in this area:

The relevant section is:

File Handling by Source Control

You can add the following files to Visual Studio source control:

* Solution files (*.sln).
* Project files, for example, *.csproj, *.vbproj files.
* Application configuration files, based on XML, used to control
run-time behavior of a Visual Studio project.

Files that you cannot add to source control include the following:

* Solution user option files (*.suo).
* Project user option files, for example, *.csproj.user, *.vbproj.user files.
* Web information files, for example, *.csproj.webinfo,
*.vbproj.webinfo, that control the virtual root location of a Web
* Build output files, for example, *.dll and *.exe files.

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