Useful diagrams wanted

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Wed Jul 25 02:02:10 BST 2007

John Yates wrote:

> But if you really want to recruit large numbers of cvs and svn users /
> projects then helping those communities grok a new paradigm and guarding
> against the growth of adoption horror stories caused by early missteps
> will be crucial.  If a picture truly is worth a thousand words then I
> think that attractive diagrams of various workflows will be invaluable.

You might be interested to see the Japanese version of our Workflows
page because it's added diagrams much like you've suggested. It's linked
off now. Better than the original for
those who learn best visually, even for people (like me) who can't read

> So this is a vote for the recipes being presented pictorially.  I know
> that such materials would help me in my evangelizing.

Diagrams and pictures are typically much more effective than words at
communicating concepts. Like text though, getting the level of detail
right takes some time and effort.

If you've needed to explain Bazaar to colleagues and have drawn some
diagrams on whiteboards say, please think about making those diagrams
available. It's obviously best if you put them in a drawing tool but
even sketching them on paper, scanning them and uploading them is a step

If there's no obvious place to integrate your diagrams into existing
text, we can easily create a BzrDiagrams page on the Wiki and attach
them to it.

Ian C.

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