Blog post on git vs. bzr movement history

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Tue Jul 24 23:30:24 BST 2007

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James Westby wrote:
> Hi,

> I tend to agree with him, and I was going to write something similar,
> but he beat me to it.

I'm not sure I agree with his thesis.  I'd rate them as about equally
important.  I'm certainly starting to get annoyed by this "Bazaar is
only for distributions" meme that people are spreading around.

Git's decision to forgo file tracking is an architectural decision.
Bazaar's lack of function tracking is an implementation issue.  We could
do it like git.  Or we could aim higher.  git's annotation across code
moves doesn't work if you also rename files:

> The after the fact processing to detect moves and copies seems to
> support this much better, and upfront specification would become unruly
> for some changes I would guess.

It's possible, and I think cheapest, to detect text block movement at
commit time.  The upfront specification is not strictly necessary, just
as we don't make you confirm annotations.  That enables data/storage
models where merging and annotating across block movements is so cheap
that you make it the default.

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