Doc review & quick ref card - anyone with some DTP skills?

John Yates jyates at
Tue Jul 24 18:35:31 BST 2007

> Concepts
> Branch: line of development for a project
> Working tree: version controlled directory 
> Repository: store for Bazaar revisions
> Changeset: changes to the working tree committed together 
> Revision: identifier for a changeset stored in the repository
> Related branches: branches having a common ancestor
> Merging: applying to a branch all the changes introduced to another related branch

As has been mentioned before, placement of this element seems awkward.
That it is a set of terms and definitions would be clearer if the left
edge of the definitions were aligned.

The coherence of the list is weak due to too many odd men out:

- concrete nouns except for one gerund ("merging")
- all singular except for "related branches"

The definitions fail to convey much compositional structure.
An accurate labeled diagram would be wonderful.


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