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Mon Jul 23 21:09:53 BST 2007

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Sabin Iacob wrote:
> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
>> Others could well disagree but here's my 2c ...
> it appears they don't :)
> Here's what I was able to come up with in the short breaks taken from
> messing with Django models:
> (uses Bitstream Vera Serif
> and Bitstream Vera Sans mono, renders ok even in Firefox here)
> (300dpi PNG)
> waiting for comments on the content/design (it looks good to me, but I'm
> not the best person to judge that :D)

In terms of design, it would be nice to match the web site:
Headers like "initialization" text would be white with a blue
background.  Also, the logo should be on there, and it would be nice to
use the same font at least for "Bazaar Quick Reference".

In terms of content, please remove "changeset" from "concepts".  Bazaar
doesn't deal in changesets.

Revision would be better described as "a version of the source code that
has been committed".  (Revision is not an identifier, it is the thing
itself.  You may be thinking of a revision-id.)

I think "merging" can be simplified as "Applying the changes introduced
by one branch to another".  (Only the default case of merging requires
branches to be related.)

I don't know why your example of "pulling changes from a parent"
specifies "../myproject".  If you're pulling changes from the parent,
you don't need to specify anything.

"auto-resolve conflicts" is probably better as "auto-detect resolved

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