Doc review & quick ref card - anyone with some DTP skills?

Sabin Iacob iacobs at
Mon Jul 23 07:15:35 BST 2007

[damn mailman... resending with some additions]

Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> From memory, the PDF worked best for me. Some of the other formats were
> pretty lousy.

if you mean SVG, it looks lousy, indeed, because it uses a strange font
(ProggyTinyTT, never heard of it), which gives text size problems in
Inkscape, and because Firefox has such lousy SVG support (apart from
some non-critical text overlapping, it looks mostly OK in Inkscape);
rendered formats such as PDF/PS/image files make it certain that you see
what the author wanted you to see, but can't be easily edited/improved

>> I have had much less luck generating anything in hardcopy that shows
>> any value.  This in spite of using a high end color printer at my
>> office.  The tiny text in orange and light grey fonts is practically
>> illegible.  I wonder whether these pages might not have been prepared
>> to be printed much larger than 8.5"x11" (eg posters for a conference).

I think it should look right when printed in black and white, colour
doesn't bring much value; if I can come up with something good looking
I'll post it here :)

P.S. here is what I was thinking about including:
bzr init
bzr branch (worth mentioning aliases?)
bzr checkout

bzr status
bzr diff
bzr log
bzr inventory
bzr missing

bzr commit
bzr uncommit
bzr revert
bzr update

bzr pull
bzr merge

bzr push
bzr bundle
bzr export?

also, some general use recipes would probably be nice (maybe 
"svn-style", "git-style", "whatever-style" next to each other? some 
usage patterns from the wiki?)

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