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Aaron Bentley at
Tue Jul 17 04:54:55 BST 2007

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Hi all,

I've been chatting with some of the core devs about how to improve our
workflow, and it's come out that the voting scheme we're using doesn't
quite fit our desires.

I'll be working on implementing a new voting scheme for BB in the near
future, and this is the current plan.  We're going to be using words
rather than numbers.

approve: The voter approves this submission to be merged (like +1)
tweak: The voter wants minor changes made, and then the submission can
       be merged without re-review. (like +1 conditional)
resubmit: The voter wants changes made, and the revised submission will
          be re-reviewed.  This removes the submission from the
          "Pending" list. (new)
reject: The voter does not want this patch merged at all.  This removes
        the submission from the "Pending" list. (like -1)
abstain: The voter does not want to vote on this patch (new)
comment: The voter wants to make a comment on this patch (new)

As before, two approves/tweaks will be needed to merge something, but
only one reject or resubmit is needed to take it out of the "Pending" list.

I hope that this will align better with the way we want to work.

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