reducing the version_info shown by test runs

Robert Collins robertc at
Mon Jul 16 14:45:10 BST 2007

On Mon, 2007-07-16 at 11:45 +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
> I think the subject line is a bit over the top.

Spew is a colloquialism here, and in erms of testing I think it is ugly.
Probably the title was more emotive than needed - it was largely
surprise at seeing a good third of my screen realestate getting trampled
on. Do you object to a patch to disable it via an option (so I at least
can get that space back)?

> I added this - someone had spent some time debugging the wrong problem
> because they believed they were running a different version of Bazaar.
>  I think making it a bit more obvious is good, and the change was
> reviewed here.

I don't know that making it more obvious is important here: I mean we
don't make it more obvious when you run other commands e.g. branch, or

In terms of it being reviewed here, our review process has a hole in it
in some regards - and I think that hole is fine, but it does mean that
sometimes people will be unhappy with what goes in. The hole is that we
require two +1's, and no -1's, but theres no minimum window on things
being done, which means that there is potentially a very limited time
window to say '-1' or even '-0' (which is what I am on this - I don't
think its sooo ugly as to do -1),

> It also seemed useful to show the python version - the stdlib is not
> so necessary, but emitted by the common code from show_version.
> I'm sure you never make that kind of mistake but this is not the first
> time someone else has.

I use 'bzr version' when I am concerned about what version/library is
actually being used. I completely agree that it needs to be possibly to
debug path issues easily; and I think we already have good tools to do

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