[rfc] include "registration form" with the Bazaar distribution

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Jul 16 14:24:41 BST 2007

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Martin Pool пишет:
> When I was working on distcc (when I had more spare time! :-) I
> included a registration form/survey with the source distribution (see
> attached.)  I think we should do the same with Bazaar, for a few
> reasons:
> * hearing from people who are using the program and like it is
> enormously encouraging
> * hearing from people who are having trouble or want something is
> pretty helpful in guiding development - you can pick up trends or
> wishes that might not be strong enough individually to motivate a bug
> or list post
> * some people allow you to use their comments to build up a
> testimonial list - http://distcc.samba.org/results.html
> I'll adapt this for Bazaar and put up a patch - I'd like it in this
> release, if possible.
> Oddly enough, many people who would not send unsolicited comments or
> criticisms will give you information if you ask for it.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If you find distcc useful, please take a little time to fill out this
> survey and mail it to {mbp at samba org}.  
> Don't stress too much about getting scientifically rigorous numbers:
> rough numbers are more useful than none at all.  Ideally, complete the
> survey for one large application that you work on, where compile speed
> is important.
> If after installing distcc you find that it makes your compile slower,
> or not as much faster as you would be expect, then please write to
> {distcc at lists.samba.org} instead of filling in the survery, and
> we'll try to resolve the problem.
> 0. What version of distcc are you using?
> 1. Your name and email address:
> 2. OK to publish this?  
>    - yes
>    - yes, but without my identifying details
>    - yes, but without my email address
>    - no, for your eyes only
> 3. Your codebase: lines of code (by wc -l), and language:
> 4. Your machines: number, OS, processor, memory, network connectivity:
> 5. Time to compile, with and without distcc:
> 6. Any other observations:
> Thanks!
> Martin

Nice idea.

We could add this survey to both windows installers,
to mandatory show after successful installation.
We can show it in notepad, but in this case such document should have CRLF
I think, there is no problems to convert LF to CRLF while building

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