how do I get rid of "pending merges:"?

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Tue Jul 10 21:38:46 BST 2007

Sam Steingold <sds at> writes:

> $ bzr pull
> Using saved location:
> No revisions to pull.
> $ bzr merge
> Merging from remembered location
> Nothing to do.
> $ bzr status
> pending merges:
>   Stefan Reichoer 2007-06-18 Merged the patches mentioned on the mailing
> li...

It seem you earlier did a no-op merge (like, merge from someone who
has just merged from you). Then, you have stg like this:

 upstream --o----o----o
             \       / \
              \     /   \
        you    o---o----current situation (not commited yet)

To cancel it, just "bzr revert" (but this will also revert all other
local changes if you have some).

To avoid the problem, next time, you can merge with "bzr merge
--pull", wich will fall back to "pull" if you are actually an ancestor
of the revision you're merging. Then, you'll end up with something

 upstream --o----o----o <- you, after "bzr merge --pull"
             \       /
              \     /  
        you    o---o <- you, before "bzr merge --pull"


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