[merge] fix up and enforce style of option help

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Tue Jul 10 17:23:22 BST 2007

On (10/07/07 20:46), Martin Pool wrote:
> This patch
> * Adds text to HACKING explaining that they should be in sentence
> case with a trailing period.  This is arbitrary but reasonable, I
> think, and scales better to help messages that need more than one
> sentence.
> * Adds a test that all options defined globally or in commands
> visible when the test suite is run comply with this.
> * Fixes the ones that don't.
> * Incidentally improves the phrasing of some messages and formatting
> of some code.

Hi Martin,

This looks great to me. +1.

A couple of things that I noticed as I was reading below.

> -                            help='show revisions whose message matches this regexp',
> +                            help='Show revisions whose message matches this regexp.',

Should it use 'regexp' or 'Regular Expression'. I don't think that it's
a big deal either way really.

> +                     Option('limit',
> +                            help='Limit the output to the first N revisions.',

Should this have 'argname="N"' as well, if I get the meaning of that
keyword, so that the 'N' actually refers to the correct thing. Currently
the help is

  --limit=ARG  Limit the output to the first N revisions.

> -                     Option('from-root',
> -                            help='Print all paths from the root of the branch.'),

"Print paths relative to the root of the branch"?



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