[RFC] Platform champions

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Thu Jul 5 10:48:54 BST 2007

> Yes, I think that'd be a good idea.  We could either use buildbot or
> something else.  I think Ian was looking into it but if you'd like to
> try and set it up that would be great.  Nick I think you have a
> solaris machine don't you?  Even just running the test suite of
> bzr.dev every week or so and reporting problems would help.
I only have a Linux and Windows machine so doubt that is of much help to 
you. Perhaps a page on the wiki that lets people with different hardware 
and OSs run the test suite would be a good idea? If there was a utility 
they could download that would automate the whole process of pulling, 
running the test suite and automatically reporting errors back to bzr 
developers that would make it much easier for people to help. If the 
tool had the ability to schedule when the tests are run (e.g at 4am when 
the user is unlikely to be using their computer) that would be a nice 
feature. It could also run with very low priority so it only steels free 
CPU cycles and wouldn't slow down the user's system when they are using it.


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