[RFC] Platform champions

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Wed Jul 4 10:10:38 BST 2007

Robert Collins wrote:

>> Is this a good idea? If so, is it worth generalising the page so people
>> can volunteer for various things w.r.t. a platform? Perhaps just these
>> things to begin with?
> I don't think so, I think its extra friction and we should gear our
> process to catch things earlier.

In principle, yes. In practice, things always have a chance to break on
everything *except* whatever PQM is running on. I don't think a process
where PQM must pass all tests on 10+ platforms each pqm-submit is
sensible either. Heh, just running all tests on both Python 2.4 and
Python 2.5 would be nice :-) , let alone doing multiple Python's on
multiple platforms.

> I'm interested in what defects - what things are going wrong - that this
> is aimed at changing?
> I'm wary of having nominated champions for a few reasons, but I'll
> enlarge on that once I understand what you're trying to fix.

The trigger leading to this email was some information from vila re how
well selftest goes on Solaris 10 right now. :-(

I've been working towards having a few VMs here at home to cover at
least more frequent Ubuntu LTS and Windows testing. But in a broader
sense, having a person to talk to has value regardless of whatever
automation is in place. People provide "local" knowledge about user
communities and what they expect. That's useful throughout the lifecycle

As I said, I'm very open to alternative ideas. I also have some
reservations re champions but I posted this RFC because I felt the
benefits outweigh the negatives. FWIW, they truly do exist (e.g. Alex)
in reality and it might be worth documenting/formalising that?

Ian C.

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