marrying bundle and directive? (Re: [MERGE] Merge directive format 2, Bundle format 4)

Robert Collins robertc at
Tue Jul 3 08:49:26 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 09:37 +0200, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
> I agree it's less pleasing, may be I wrote too many parsers that
> blew up in my face on such ambiguities, but we use a scanner
> (optparse) to analyze the options and I don't think it will be
> easy to take that into account. Even if this second form
> describes what we will really accept or not: 'bzr emit
> PUBLIC_BRANCH' is illegal. 

Some time back I taught optparse to really parse arguments, so you could
give it a grammar and it would give help for that as

mandatory [POS1 [pos2 | otherpos2]]


Using this would require a fork of optparse though.

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