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Mon Jun 25 18:13:41 BST 2007

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Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel <john at> wrote:
>> 'bzr ls --unknown'
>> 'bzr clean-tree --unknown' (provided by bzrtools).
> Thanks!  'bzr ls --unknown' does it for me.  'bzr clean-tree' doesnt
> take a directory argument, it works on the whole checkout, which is too
> heavy handed for my application.
>> 'bzr revert' doesn't ever remove unknown files because we don't know why you
>> have them there. There are some very precious files that people have marked
>> ignored or haven't started versioning yet.
> I can see leaving ignored files, but unknowns?  The revert help says
> "If you name a directory, all the contents of that directory will be
> reverted."  There's no mention of special treatment of unknown files.

Bazaar doesn't touch unknown files because you haven't told it what to do with
them. (Hence the 'unknown' status).

If you want us to watch them add/ignore them.

In general, we feel like you shouldn't have unknown files lying around. Either
you want them, so you should be versioning them. Or you don't, so you should
ignore them. ('bzr add' defaults to adding all unknown files, 'bzr status'
always reports on them, though we do have --versioned know because of a
specific user request).

All that to say, if you can clearly demonstrate a use case for having lots of
unknown files that you want bzr to modify, please describe it to us. It may be
something that we haven't evaluated.


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