Smart server configuration -- detailed document?

James Westby jw+debian at
Fri Jun 22 20:12:13 BST 2007

On (22/06/07 11:10), Shunri Guo wrote:
> Hey there,
> (1) where do we set BZR_REMOTE_PATH: we suppose it is at OS environment variable, correct?
> (2) what should be set into BZR_REMOTE_PATH? 

BZR_REMOTE_PATH contains the path of the executable that should be
executed on the remote machine if bzr isn't in the $PATH.

So if you have bzr installed in /usr/bin or similar then you probably
don't need to set it, but if it is in /opt/local/bzr/ then you probably

And, yes you set it as an environment variable on the client machines.

> (3) What kind of server configuration is needed at either SSH server or bzr environment so that client Bzr over SSH call could activate the server bzr properly? 

You shouldn't need to make any changes to configuration for it to work.
If the following command works then it should be ok.

  ssh host -c 'bzr rocks'

If it print's out "Yes, it does." then you are ready to go, if you get
an error then you will need to change something.

> (4) how do we get local branch work with remote branch via bzr over ssh? 

You need to tell local bzr to use the smart server over ssh, this is
done by using 'bzr+ssh://' for URLs. For instance, to branch from the

  bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/...

to push to the server

  bzr push bzr+ssh://server/...

(add --remember for just 'bzr push' to push to that location next time).



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