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Fri Jun 22 15:28:19 BST 2007

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Robert Collins wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 21:41 +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
>> Hello guys.
>> I've always liked commit emails for some projects, and bzr-email is not
>> really a solution for me, because everybody has to individually
>> configure the plugin, etc. I'm told post_commit will one day work on the
>> server side, when using bzr+ssh://, but alas, people could still push
>> with sftp://.
>> So I sat down today and wrote a tool to watch branches on the machine
>> they're hosted, and send mails from there. This ensures that every
>> pushed commit gets an email.
>> Sending this mail in case this tool is of interest to somebody else. :-)
>> P.S.: Code from bzr-email/ was stolen for this. Maybe it'd be
>> nice to have in bzrlib code to generate a "commit email".
> A few thoughts..
> Firstly, you can reuse bzr-email/
> ====
> from import emailer
> ====
> No need to copy code at all.
> Secondly, if you configure branch.conf to send email, the email plugin
> should send it correctly even if you are committing over sftp to a
> central branch.
> -Rob

It does, but his point is that he wants multiple contributers to the
same shared repository, and doesn't want to ask all of them to install

Just as an aside, this is my configuration, which does work quite well
with a central repository that I commit my work to:

public_branch =
public_branch:policy = appendpath
post_commit_to = Bazaar Commits <bazaar-commits at>

public_branch =
public_branch:policy = appendpath
post_commit_to = Bazaar Commits <bazaar-commits at>

With those 6 (7?) lines, all of my public branches have mail generated
with the right urls. Now I may be unique in that I generally work in
(heavy) checkouts to my local server, so that all my commits are made
public at commit time.

I don't think the bzr-email plugin supports it yet, but we could also
create a post-push hook, so that revisions that get pushed are also
emailed. (Which works better for people who commit "offline" and then
push the changes to a public location).

That said, your bzr-hookless-email has a lot of value. You should
consider registering it in Launchpad, just in case your network
connection goes down/to get a bug tracker/etc.

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